Our History
The Virginias Seniors golf association is a group of gentlemen residing in the commonwealth of Virginia or the state of West Virginia who gather annually to compete in interstate and individual golf competition.  The common thread that has bound this group together for eight decades has been congeniality, a modicum of success in their chosen professional careers and a great love and respect for the game of golf.

Members have come together for an annual meeting and tournament since 1925 on a regular basis, with the exception of the World War II period when the Greenbrier was a war veterans hospital and the old airport (which is now the sporting club) an internment camp.  Matches are played alternately at the Greenbrier or the Homestead, where the facilities are superb and the “seniors” have priority.

Competition is divided into year groups at five year increments to level the playing field.  Approximately twenty prizes are awarded at each meeting to the winners of the individual competitions in addition to the challenging golf.    Two cocktail parties and a banquet are part of the festivities.  The present membership is approximately 250 members.

Membership is limited, but outstanding candidates are always welcome.  Fifty birthdays, an amateur status and a current verifiable handicap are required for all competitors.  This outstanding tournament conforms to the USGA rules of golf.  It is held on the fourth Monday and Tuesday in august.  Individual golf matches are played on the Sunday and Wednesday surrounding the tournament days.

A full time secretary is the glue that holds the association together as proven by the longevity of their service.  There have only been three from 1927 - 2013:

Cory Hogg
1927 – 1946
19 years 
Helen Bonham
1946 – 1996
50 years
Dick O’Donnell
1996 – 2013
17 years
Bruce Eckerson
2013 – 2019
 6 years
Dan Ehrman  2020 – ??  

We believe that the Virginias Seniors is the most venerable of all interstate competitions.  For those who qualify; lifetime friendships, fun times, and memorable golf are the rewards for becoming a member of the Virginias Seniors.  Eight decades of great competition is a testament that our association has provided the correct formula for great camaraderie and golf.

The Virginias Seniors Golf Association

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